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    Hi all,

    New puppy coming home and I want to buy a second crate. We have a 48in crate from previous dogs that is still in perfect shape so we will use that in our bedroom and partition it off for the new puppy but I want to buy a second crate. However, our house is TINY so I don't want a gigantic crate taking up half of my living room and I don't expect to really need the second crate in the living room past 5 or 6 months of age, after that the dog will either be able to always come with me, go upstairs and be crated or we will move the big one out of the bedroom and downstairs if we really have to. How small of crate can I get away with buying to last only from ages 2mo-6 mo and also potentially be a car crate for the early months. I am thinking of a 36 in but wondering if that will be too small. The dog is male and his father does tend towards the larger side of the spectrum.


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    I see no one has responded to you, you have the dog they only need enough room to lay and stand in a crate so you probably are gauging it just fine, good luck!

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    36" should be good - you can always sell it when you are done (or alternatively, buy one used - you can get a great price). Another good person to ask would be the breeder, they should know their lines and how quickly they grow (and to approximately what height) so can guide you on crate size.
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