Behold the power of ice
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    DefaultBehold the power of ice

    Buddy gets ear drops every day for an ear infection. He gets his meds after dinner, but before the peanut butter cracker. He looks for the ear med bottle and runs for the living room where he looks around the furniture ears alert, tail up waving very slowly. When I reach for the med bottle he hides. In the bedroom in his crate. Scrunched in the far corner in the shadow. The only reason I saw him was he moved to see where I was. I have been able to coax him out into the kitchen by talking to Jack, praising him for being such a good Lab, talking about peanut butter crackers, or asking who's hungry? Buddy does not fall for those any more but he will come out to look around the furniture for the evil med bottle. Buddy loves ice cubes. Asleep in the bedroom if he hears the ice machine he shows up. Sometimes he shows up if he hears the freezer door open. Tonight when he hightailed it out of the living room I went to the kitchen and got myself a glass of ice water. The moment I finished dispensing the ice he was right by my side. He did not put up a struggle. Started to shake his head but saw the ice cube and took it before doing the shaking all over cause there is meds in my ear dance. It is funny to watch him stop in mid shake for an ice cube or peanut butter cracker.

    What's the best Buddy lure?
    Ice, ice, Baby.

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    Everybody has their price. . Jasper's is biscuits.


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