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    Defaultme and Bent are goin to kick butt at

    Obedience trials! I finally got my goal and rihgt before fall starts! I got him in a down and stay at one end of the yard then I walked half way to the other end toy in hand. This was his favorite toy so I knew it took a lot for him to stay there. Then I dropped his toy and walked back to him. Once I got back I told him retreive. He ran and grabbed the toy and cam back into a sit right in front of me!!!! I was so happy I as screaming Yes,finally! Lots of work to be done but after today I think we can do it. Our training sestion are cut short due to school so I do as much as possible while kepping it fun. I have 4-H meetings sometime this month then I start training then I have trials in April-August. I hope to make it to state but we will see! I have a couple more goal to meet like when he heal I am trying to figure out how to have him keep eye contact with me. I plan on getting into Agility next year so there are a few other command I need to teach him. My friend is scared that I am going to give her and her dog a run for the ribbon though,haha. The got second in STATE last year so I highly doubt it. i have confudince(sp?) in me and Bentley so I think I got the mental part down now the actual part!
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    Good work! Glad you and Bentley are really clicking.


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    It is a great feeling when things fall into place. Good luck.

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    It's the stay when you are out of sight that will test your mettle !

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    Best of luck!!

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