Paw Pad Healing Time?
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Thread: Paw Pad Healing Time?

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    DefaultPaw Pad Healing Time?

    So, some of you may recall that Remy broke a couple of toe nails about a week or so ago and one of them had to be removed. Healed fine - no worries. However, the boy could not leave that foot alone after the bandage came off and kept licking it. Monday morning I found that while we had been sleeping upstairs he had been very busy all night licking and possibly chewing...his paw pad OFF. Its gross. I've never seen anything like it. Its the large pad at the base of the back foot. All the black in the center is gone. Its got a bit of light skin around the edge where the pad should be and then bright pink in the center.

    Of course I called the vet and she said (especially since we've been dealing with power outages up here from Irene) that if it wasn't oozing (its not) or bleeding (its not) to just keep it clean and keep putting bacitracin on it. And keep him in his buster collar when we can't watch him. Doing all that and he's being a trooper. It doesn't seem to bother him at all to walk on it.

    Anyone have any idea how long it will take the pad to grow back?
    Melissa, Remy & Brooklyn

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    I'd say a few weeks and I hope he leaves it alone.

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    Gosh! No idea whatsoever! Poor guy. :-(

    Seamus and Flynn

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    Belle has occasionally taken the black off her paw pads, usually on crusty icy snow. It takes a week, maybe two to get back to normal.

    Karen and the gang
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    I have no idea. I just wanted to say hope he is better soon.

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    It will be a couple weeks before you look at it and judge it healed, however he will decide it is all better in a few days. At least that was my experience with HK when she burned her pads on hot asphalt a few weeks ago. Our vet suggested using a little vaseline just to keep it a little moist after a few days with the Bacitracent, assume you don't see any sign of infection.
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    When Molly scraped a good bit of her paw pad off on crusty, icy snow it took a good couple of weeks to not see the pink and to see it was healing. I put bacitracin on also every day.

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