I am a bad daddy.
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Thread: I am a bad daddy.

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    DefaultI am a bad daddy.

    I hurt my puppy on Saturday it was unintentional but it still happened.
    I took Shiner fishing with me and he ran, and swam, met his first cows, explored some new territory and just had a great time. He would swim back and forth, out into the lake and back, splash near the bank and roll in the mud, dirt and several cow patties. It was a great time for him and me and we were both pooped when we got home. Not only was he popped out he had some very sore hip muscles. Have you ever seen a Lab that could not wag his tail or sit, well that was my puppy. He just found a spot in the corner and fell asleep.
    I felt so bad. Saturday night I gave him a light massage and some stretching and Sunday evening when he began to feel better and move around more I gave him another massage but more firmer this time. This morning he was almost his old self again.
    I will not do another 6 hour fishing day for awhile. Maybe a couple of 3 hour days, a 4 hr., a couple of 5's before we do another long.
    I feel so bad Sunday was his first birthday.

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    They can definitely over-exert themselves without giving any indication until it is too late. Have you tried giving him aspirin to help with the pain? We give ours aspirin formulated for dogs (it's buffered and beef flavored so like treats), which we get at Petsmart. It really helps when they've overdone it.

    I always feel bad when they limp. But it can be hard to know what's too much until you've gotten there and then it's too late. Good idea to take it slower next time and let him work up to longer days.

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    Be careful, you can't over-exercise young pups.

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    Could he have cold tail? That will usually resolve itself in a few days.

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