Need ideas for a tough squeaky ball toy!
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Thread: Need ideas for a tough squeaky ball toy!

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    DefaultNeed ideas for a tough squeaky ball toy!

    Hi everyone,

    Tuck and duke have always set out to kill their cuz balls.... Tuck has suceeded.
    So I'm wondering if anyone knows anything similar to a cuz and stands up as well,
    It took tuck a while to kill his cuz... Which is pretty good.

    What I don't understand.. They have medium cuz and killed it, but they also have 3 large cuz and really don't care for them at all.
    I have a friend and her dogs don't care for the large either.

    Tuck recently has became in love with his wubba.... And has killed the squeaker, it makes an air noise when he squeezes it, but no squeak!

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    I think they make squeaky kongs now, seem pretty tough.

    And where abouts in Ontario are you? We're also ODD members (err... were, haven't done much DD this year.)
    Baloo - 5 year old black lab
    Peanut - 7 year old minpin
    Monster - 3-ish year old frenchie/jack, rescue
    We're Superdogs!

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