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Thread: Bark for Life Dog Wash - Limerick PA

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    DefaultBark for Life Dog Wash - Limerick PA

    Just a small brag - My son's Cub Scout/Boy Scout Pack 529 is hosting a "Bark for Life Dog Wash" in Limerick PA today. He sent me a couple of mobile pics and it looks like the kids and the adults are all having a great time. Their sign says, "Bring your dog out for a washing at 543 N. Lewis Rd., Limerick". What a wonderful benefit for those unable to bath and clean up their own dogs. Just had to pass this along to any of you in that area. Since I live in southern NM, it is a bit of a roadtrip for me to take Abbey and Coco - even to just visit and enjoy the day.
    Love JL.!!!

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    For some reason when I read this I immediately thought it was a car wash, and dogs were going to wash the cars. It was very confusing.

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    Wish I lived closer Tank needs a bath and so does the neighbors dog(who has never had a bath).
    ~It doesn't matter how smart the dog is,it matters how smart the owner is.

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