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    Defaultboarding kennels

    I just toured a few last week and I almost cried!

    The best one so far has a pool (closed for the winter), a large outdoor area to run and play with other dogs (add'l fee), guaranteed to be let out 4 or 5 times a day into the caged run area, and even a large indoor livingroom with couches and a TV on. There are even "suites" available for an extra fee. Your dog can have his own room, his own bed, and a TV! It all sounds wonderful, right?

    My problem is that there are no suites available for Thanksgiving weekend, and so my dog must go to the regular kennels that are available. Small concrete spaces lined up in a heated building, but only a few feet away from the plywood "door", which is the only thing that separates my dog from the cold night air. Is that typical? Should I suck it up and stop being a baby?

    I don't want to hear that Labs were bred in Canada and are built for the cold. My baby sleeps indoors! And he is only crated at night. He's going to hate spending so much time in that small, cold space. *sniff*

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    Bring your dog with you or find a friend if you're that worried.
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