I can't believe he did it...
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Thread: I can't believe he did it...

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    DefaultI can't believe he did it...

    Not quite the calibre of Erns & his poop party trick, but Diesel made his first public poop eating debut on Saturday.

    I had a house warming party with a bunch of family, my aunt & uncle arrived first, so I gave them a tour of the house. Just as we were getting to the backyard to take Diesel out, the doorbell rang & everyone else appeared. My aunt & uncle love dogs, they used to dogsit for friends all the time & my uncle seemed smitten with Diesel right off the bat. They offered to take him out back while I gave everyone else a tour of the house. Silly me, the only thing I thought to instruct them with was if he jumps up the command is "off".

    Well about 10 minutes later, we all head outside to the yard & my aunt & uncle are sitting there with a look of complete shock on their faces. I looked at Diesel, he would not make eye contact with me, but had his ears back & tail wagging low. "Oh boy," I say, "what happened?" My uncle stumbled over his words, clearly still in shock, "we tried to stop him... we had no idea that.... we just couldn't believe he would... but I don't think he got all of it..." my aunt was dousing her hands with sanitizer & dabbing it along her chin, I guess where she may have gotten kisses prior to the poop eating.

    I picked up what was left & walked past a row of more shocked faces with jaws hanging to dump it in the trash. Luckily, his charm erased the event shortly after & though no one would accept kisses, he still got lots of verbal love & pets & everyone commented on how docile & well behaved he is. Other than the poop eating, I am so proud of him for behaving so well & for being gentle with my cousin's kids that were afraid of him at first (afraid of all dogs) but by the end wanted a dog...."if he could be just like Diesel"

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    I think it si a lab thing,lol. Tank ate cat poop yesterday while we had guests! I think they all talked to Ernie while we slept.
    ~It doesn't matter how smart the dog is,it matters how smart the owner is.

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    Yeah, it happens sometimes. Diesel doesn't do it, but Deacon is a practiced muncher of the butt nuggets. He just did it tonight when we were outside while I was working Diesel. Most of the neighbor kids were over in my yard watching me work Diesel and petting Deacon. I thought one of the little girls was gonna puke when he did it.

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    awwww!! cute! isn't it great when the kidlets love our doggies? my friends' kids are just starting to get used to crazy Malone!


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