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    My friend has a 2YO Golden who recently started to jump straight up in the air and look at the floor as if something is there. There's never anything there. She said it happens very often, inside or outside. I suggested that maybe she had been stung by a bee and developed this phobia. She said that's what the vet thought too. But is there any way to help her get over it? Any suggestions?

    She also has recently developed a phobia about not walking past a certain distance, either at home or when they are camping. Related to some trama that hurt her while on a walk??? If only they could talk. I told her to make her keep walking as if nothing's wrong, perhaps walk with another dog friend who is not fearful.

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    That's there anything on her snout or end of her nose?

    Toby stares at the floor...I have no clue why but DH says he looks like a vulture ...he even does it when he is up on the bed..stares downward ears pointing down too.

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