Too much exercise?
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Thread: Too much exercise?

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    DefaultToo much exercise?

    Yesterday Bentley hung out at the lake property with me and retrieved for at least 2 hours. Jumping off the dock and retrieving the 'dummy'. I kept thinking that he must be tired but he kept insisting that I keep throwing the dummy. Anyways, long story short, last night he had the worst diarehea. Actually had two accidents in the room. He has never had a diarehea before and is up to date on all his shots. Although he is acting like he feels great it is a little concerning. Could it be that he just over did it yesterday?

    Bentley and his favorite toy. 2/5/11

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    I would be concerned about the lake water. Here in Oregon we have all sorts of icky stuff growing in our lakes and rivers. Blue-green algae is a bad one, then there are omebia and giardia....If the diahrea persists or if he start vomiting, I'd see a vet. Blue green algae can be fatal.

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    could be something in teh water that upset his stomach

    but yes, a dog can overexercise. some dogs are good about taking breaks and stopping when they have had enough, but others WILL go on until they are sick or sore. you have to get to know your dog and see which camp they are in (and some will generally be good to control themselves in most situations but not others).
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    When HK gets too much water, she tends to have very loose stools. Usually over with in 6-8 hours. I don't know if it is the exercise, or swallowing too much water. I tend to believe it is the latter.
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    When they are into an activity like retieving, they get so excited, they don't know to rest. Bruno does that when he's dock jumping/retrieving. I stop him when he starts breathing to fast.

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