Just back from the vet's and glad we have insurance
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Thread: Just back from the vet's and glad we have insurance

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    DefaultJust back from the vet's and glad we have insurance

    Poor boy has a skin infection on his sheath. Kinda looks like warts except when he licks them and then they look like a teenagers inflamed pimples. The vet did say that was an unusual place for a skin infection. Anyway, after a thorough examination the end result is 21 days of antibiotics. He loves this vet clinic (they're all female and he loves ladies) but he wasn't too thrilled when the vet took a scraping off his sheath for examination. He doesn't hold grudges though and at checkout he discovered there's a biscuit jar on the counter and that made his day.

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    Ouch!! Glad you found out what was going on. Get better Duke!

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    Ouch!!! Avery just had skin scrapings too but not on his sheath! YIKES!!!! Hope he gets better quickly
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    Ouch. Good healing thoughts.

    Vets aren't cheap, but a necessity.

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