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    DefaultConsidering a Foster

    I just heard about a six month old Lab mix who will be homeless soon, due to owners splitting up. Is there usually a waiting list for Lab rescue groups? The poor thing only has a week to find a place. I'm considering taking him until something else is found. What are people's experiences with this situation? As much as I'd like Bean to have a playmate, I wonder about my ability to care for two dogs long term!

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    Start contacting rescues now. it takes time to find a foster home and arrange for the dog to come in so the sooner the better.

    alot of your questions will depend on teh dog and how much training and socizliation the puppy has had. If he is an overall good pup with good training/socializing it can work pretty well though will take some of your time. Your current pup is young so it may be quite abit more hectic. but if a rescue can take him in soon it may just be a short term thing.

    If you do take him temporarily ensure you get a copy of all teh vet info or have the owner call their vet and ok for you to view/have all teh history (or both)
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