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    QuestionJazz Pics/update/more questions

    First I would like to say a big thank you to everyone who took the time to answer my previous posts/questions.
    I finally broke down and signed up at Photobucket so I can show Jazz off on here
    So here is the link to some of his pictures. These pictures are from age 6-9 weeks.

    Jazz pictures by Erin_Abrahamson - Photobucket

    (does anyone know...will the "slideshow" link form photobucket work on here?)

    Also, I thought I would post Jazz's progress. He is coming along wonderfully...so much better than I had expected for a 9 week old.
    He is 98% potty trained. He has only had 2 accidents in the last 3 days and both of those were right by the door. I absolutely LOVE the bell training that I read about on here.

    He has learned to sit and lay down. We are working on wait/stay. The nipping has drastically improved. He pretty much only nips when he is really wound up playing. But usually one good "no bite" and he remembers his manners.

    If any of you remember from my previous question...I was unsure about how having two very different sized dogs was going to work as far as rules went. Well thanks to some of your suggestions here's what we came up with. We are no longr inviting our westie to put his paws up on us. We are allowing both dogs on the furniture, but we are not allowing them to play on the furniture. When they do start to play, we make them get down. They are catching on fairly quickly that the couch is a place for naps. I am fairly certain that at some point Jazz will be allowed in the bed. Right now he sleeps in his crate.

    Now if you wonderfully helpful people would not mind a few more questions.....My westie (who is 5) has become a toy hoarder. He doesn't really play with the toys so much as try to hoard them where Jazz cannot get them. He doesn't get aggressive or anything. I would compare it more to how my kids were when they were smaller. The whole "I want that because you have it" phase. Any suggestions on this. Or should I just let it go?

    The other big one is Jazz goes to bed about 11 pm every night directly after a potty break. He goes with out complaint. He gets up at 415-430 am, (when the BF gets up for work) goes potty, eats and plays a little. Then back to bed about 530 am. He will usually sleep until about 8 or 9 am when he gets up for the day. HE has done this since night 2 with us. (he has been with us almost 4 weeks) BUT the last 3 nights he has been getting up at 2 am (like clock work) and refuse to go back to bed until 530 am. And will sleep until 10 or 11 am. For obvious reasons, I do not like this one bit. I have not changed his feedings or anything else in his routine that I can think of. I have tried to let him whine for a bit to see if he goes back to sleep. Yesterday he whined for about 20 minutes and then it turned to all out barking, so I got him up before he had the whole house awake. Any suggestions to get a full night's sleep?

    Again thank you for your help/suggestions!!

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    Yes the slideshow link appears to work although we usually copy and pasta the Image code in the bottom box below the picture but with a slideshow you can post as many pictures as you like, but with the image code you are limited to four pictures per post.

    Kazz isn't spoilt much then i see :-)

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    okay thanks...I was wondering how you got the pics to show up in the post...without having to click on a link....thanks

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