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Thread: Reincarnation

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    Aren't you supposed to be better each return to the earth?
    My first black lab, Tanka, was an angel...nearly perfect except that he had a penchant for the garbage. He would vomit if you spoke harshly to him. My second lab was a yellow whose real name was Travis but earned the nickname "For A Good Time Call..." You could yell at him until you were blue in the face and his tail kept wagging the biggest wag possible. He had no shame...about anything! You could catch him in the act of the most horrendous thing possible and he'd smile and wag. I came to love his enjoyment of life and actually became envious of his lifestyle.
    Fast forward to a few minutes ago. I take Ben outside with me to hang up the laundry. I sweetly call to him occasionally to remind him to stay close...all's well until the last piece of clothing when Ben bolts for the neighbors. I call (sweetly) once and he ignores me. It's close so I decide I can catch him in the act. I grab the scruff of his neck...."bad dog" him loudly and harshly and what do I get? A big smile and a gigantic wag of the tail! What to do? What to do?

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    Smile and get used to it....again. lol

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    I know exactly what you're talking about. They all have their own level of sensitivity. The problem comes when you have one of each, and the extremely sensitive one gets upset whenever you scold the one who thumbs his nose at you .

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    Sounds like tuck and duke!!

    Duke has no shame... You can raise your voice and his tail starts to helicopter (one day he'll lift off the ground!)... U try to correct him and it's like he laughs at you ...

    Tuck on the other hand... Very sensitive. If you raise your voice too loudly, he will curl into the smallest ball possible.
    I don't raise my voice to him often at all, but arguments with the other half that would get heated... youd find tuck gone.

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