A visit to the vet for George and Roxie
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Thread: A visit to the vet for George and Roxie

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    DefaultA visit to the vet for George and Roxie


    I noticed blood in George's stools over the weekend and so took him to the vets first thing on Monday morning. The vet examined him and diagnosed Colitis, which he said was probably caused by worms. He got a prebiotic paste which I have to give him, some antibiotics and a worming tablet. After five days my vet says he should be right as rain.
    I noticed Roxie had the same symptoms today and so I took her to the vets this afternoon and she is now on the same medication.
    George passed a 8" ish size worm this afternoon so the vet was probably right that this is the cause. We are up to date with worming both puppies. I don't do it myself I take them both to the vets to be wormed as I was told the treatment they give is more effective than that you can buy and administer yourself.
    I clean up any poo they do straight away, I'm a little OCD when it comes to cleanliness, especially with this.
    My vet says there is nothing else I could have done to aviod them.
    Anyone got any tips for keeping these little parasites away from my babies???


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    Most puppies start out with worms - thus the need to bring fecal samples to every well check up. However, I've never had worms in my dogs after that initial worming. I think it is pretty easily avoided with normal care.
    Sharon, Blaise and Diesel.

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