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    DefaultPoor ole Indy boy...

    Chillaxin in bed last night, Indy's butt by my chest, I started petting his tail. At some point, not sure when, he must have broken the last 1/3 of his tail. It doesnt seem "together" like the rest of his tail. I'm assuming because of the way he struggles to sit (he kind of crashes down), that his tail didnt quite get out of the way and he smushed it. It doesnt seem to bother him, but he has a vet appt in the next two weeks for his ear infection and I'll have them look at it. I'm just so bummed that I didnt know. Sure he takes a lot of arthritic medicine, but it would have had to hurt like the dickens.

    I just hate this part of his getting old. So, not only do I help him up and down the stairs, help him to get into a standing position when I see him rocking (if I dont, he strains so hard and poops a butt nugget out), now I'll have to help him sit. OY...I tell ya, some days its hard... he's lucky he's the love of my life.

    Mom to Indy 6/12/98 to 11/16/11 (always in my heart), and Jobe 8-14-2000 to 6/24/2013 (Working TDI) English Labs, and Annie our Golden Retriever (TDI), and Kodiak (who will one day hopefully be a TDI dog if he doesn't kill me first).

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    Oh Indy

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