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    DefaultOff mosquito repellant

    Does anyone know if it is safe to spray off on dogs ? We were in Central Oregon a couple of weeks ago and Boone was really bothered by the mosquitoes. He is going camping next week end and are sure those buggers will be out again. It doesn't say anything on the bottle but I am thinking that it may not be a good idea in case he should lick at himself. Anyway -- any info would be appreciated. TIA

    boone and joann

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    it's toxic stuff so I would say no. unless you apply somewhere they cannot lick (and out of eyes/nose/mouth).

    skin so soft works from what i hear and is safe.

    When I bring Rocky to the cottage (3 times a year ish, plus one in the winter with no bugs!) he often gets really bitten, but I find as time goes by it gets better. one year I nearly freaked as I though the had a rash or was in bad shape but it was just alot of bug bites. he doesn't seem too bothered by them. Always on the grain and belly area.

    ETA: I just googled and every responce to the question says absolutely no to using OFF (or anything with DEETon dogs). but i found this with options:
    Dogs In Canada Magazine -- » How can I protect my dog from bug bites?
    About Mosquito Repellents for Dogs |
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    Charlie (foster) and Rocky

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    I've found Skin so Soft to be a great repellent and have used that for many years on several different dogs without any adverse effects. I generally only apply it on their ears and stomachs and minimize it's use as much as possible...

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    I use RepelX, its a spray for horses, but my vet recommended it for my dogs.

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