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Thread: Need help selecting doggy door

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    DefaultNeed help selecting doggy door

    Im sure this topic has been covered but Ive got some specific needs to fill so any input is appreciated. I just have one lab mix, Batman is his name and he weighs 50 pounds. Our current doggy door is the kind that is preinstalled in a panel that you put in a sliding door and it has a few drawbacks:

    1. Makes it more difficult to get thru the sliding door because of the limited space.
    2. Doesnt seal well around the panel as a whole or at the flapper itself. This lets bugs and weather in.
    3. He hits the thing running so it wears heavily on the flapper and causes it to tear where it hinges. This makes the sealing problem even worse.

    Im thinking I need a wall mount motorized door but I see several choices and prices as high as $800. $300 - $400 is more my range. I was also thinking it would be nice to have a remote to lock or disable it but thats not a strict requirement. One thing Im weary of is that he barrels thru so fast I could see him force his way thru and not allowing it to fully open first. I wonder if that would damage the door or motor. Thanks in advance for any help.

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    This is mine. You'll have to excuse the state of the house. It's being rebuilt.

    Don't know if they're available where you are but my one is a staywell. It's the biggest one you can get. It was big enough for my Lab & GSD (That's her on the other side of the Pug shot)

    The outside:

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    Try this site... it's where I get my pet doors and replacement bits. Ten years and the dogs are happy campers!

    Seamus and Flynn

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