Update on Cody boy.. Been a while..
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Thread: Update on Cody boy.. Been a while..

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    DefaultUpdate on Cody boy.. Been a while..

    Hi everyone.. It's been quite some time since I have posted on here.. Last time I posted I think I left off with my 75% yellow lab 25% golden retreiver 7 month old puppy Cody having hip displasia and needing surgery.. He recovered very well but did gain a few un-needed pounds.. He already has arthritis is both of his hips and will eventually need his other hip operated on..

    He turned into such a well-trained dog. Sit, Speak, Stay, Wait for it, Down, are all done with ease. He is still a little over weight but he has been excersising.. (SWIMMING!) for a little over a month and a half.. His birth brother, Hunte,r who my neighboor had adopted before I got Cody went and lived in a new home down the street for about a year because he was a wild boy.. He has calmed down and is back living nextdoor to me again. Cody is afraid of almost everybody. It urks me, even me sometimes. Cody was never hit but he would get yelled out when he would snack on furniture and sneakers. That is the only thing I can think of..

    Here are some updated pics..
    Hi I'm Drew
    The cute one is

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    Welcome back...glad to her your boy is doing better. What surgery did they do for him? Lola has HD in both hips as well.

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    I am glad to hear Cody is doing well. He is cute.

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