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    DefaultMy New Favorite Toy!

    A couple of weeks ago, I bought Bean a big Kong Wobbler. I'd been eyeing them, but didn't want to shell out the money. He's been eating his supper from it every day! We love it.

    Last week, I filled it with plain puffed rice cereal (allergy proof, LOL). I sat outside while Bean played with the Wobbler for about ten minutes. He started barking and I thought he'd gotten it stuck somewhere. Walked into the house to see the entire kitchen floor covered with cereal. He looked at me, then the floor, as if he wanted it cleaned up! Turns out he likes that stuff just about as much as I do-it tastes like packing peanuts. He had fun knocking the toy around, though.

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    ha ha. my mom loves that cereal (and I'm not sure why... you are right, it tastes like packing peanuts) sounds like a cool toy! (but geez mom could you put somthin yummy in it???)

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    Bean is a food ctiric. My Labs are not so selective...they would have eaten every last puff.

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