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    DefaultWhat a good dog!

    Artemis is 5 months old. We crate her whenever we can't have our eyes on her. She's getting more and more out of the crate time in the family room with us without having to be on a leash as she learns our rules.

    Last night I took her out for a potty break at 10 and then put her in her crate. When I came downstairs this morning at 6:30 she met me at the bottom of the steps! Apparently at some point during the night she'd worked the crate door open! I guess I didn't get it latched correctly, it's an old crate that's been "well loved" but still works just fine if we secure the latch and I've cautioned the kids to double check it...need to follow my own advice!

    I don't think she'd been out too long but there were a ton of things she could have gotten into and she'd definitely been upstairs--all bedroom doors were closed but she'd gotten a small sponge out of bathroom and eaten about 1 inch of it--thankfully it wasn't one that was soaked in cleaning chemicals or something! But she hadn't messed with ANYTHING other than that sponge...not the musical instruments in the living room (4 guitars and assorted wires/amps plus two loaned baritones from the high school) or DH's graduate school work in the dining room (reams of paper all over the floor) or the TV remotes/cell phones that had been left on furniture in the family room!

    No accidents on the floors either, including the expensive oriental rugs we've had for ages!

    WHAT A GOOD DOG! We didn't even trust our previous adult dogs out in the house at night! We're not planning to trust her either but it's reassuring to know that she didn't immediately go on a search and destroy mission...I feel like our hard work is really going to pay off. After two adult rescues who took a really long time to turn into 'good' dogs, she's such a blessing!

    Artemis (goddess of the hunt--for anything on the floor!) Feb 2011
    Penny--rescue, died Dec 2010 of Lymphoma at age 7
    Belle--April 1992-Sept 2005

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    Great job! Good girl Artemis!
    Sharon, Blaise and Diesel.

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    That is a really good girl!! I can relate to not shutting the crate properly: Lucy's crate is in our family room, when she was 8 weeks old (probably her third night home) I was running on little sleep. In the middle of the night we heard a bark coming from a different part of the house. I ran to see what was going on, and there was Lucy - I think she got lost and was scared!! I could have sworn I had closed the latch, but being half asleep I obviously had not!
    Luckily Lucy had not gotten into anything.
    I am sure the day will come that you will be able to trust Artemis to have free reign.

    Tilly, Feb.11, 2003
    Lucy, Oct. 24, 2010

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    Good girl, Artemis.

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    THAT is some thing special!! What a good girl!!

    Karen and the gang
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