A pretty good weekend in Obedience!
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Thread: A pretty good weekend in Obedience!

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    DefaultA pretty good weekend in Obedience!

    Kodi and I had a three day weekend in obedience. We were entered in Utility B and Open B. We qualified each day with placements each time, but no firsts (close though). So, Kodi earned her OM2 and UDX3!!Saturday and Sunday had very hard scoring judges, (first places were in the low/mid 190's in Utility...typically 199).

    The trial was in a pole barn with no AC, nor fans except at the far end oof the barn. The heat index is supposed to be over 100 today.Best of all though is that I have my happy Kodi back! She was not enjoying herself last year, but she is happy and perky in the ring again! Lessons learned included, too much head turning on the directed jumping, and a DOR signal that is not smooth enough...I have neve been hit on either, but these judges were very particular.

    Next weekend, both Kodi and Hoss are in UKC obedience, seeking Hoss' UKC Utility title (need one more leg), and significant progress (if not get, in perfect world) Kodi' U-OTCH. Lots to work on this week, but dang it is going to be hot....maybe.....just maybe I will have to keep getting up at 5:30 am to practice before it gets deadly hot? I have such good, willing to please dogs! (I am trying to stuff as much as I can in now, as I plan on breeding Kodi when she comes into heat next...due anytime....and once she is bred, I back off from all competition).
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    Sounds like a great weekend, Karen. Well except for the heat. Way to go!!

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    Way to go!
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