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    DefaultThundershirt review

    Well, I had heard of these but to tell the truth was a little skeptical. But Cody has gotten so nervous with the thunderstorms we've been having, shaking so hard, slinking around, looking generally terrified, etc. that I decided I had to try something. We gave him Benedryl for the fireworks and it worked great but it's not so easy to plan for the storms. Anyway, I ordered one for him and it works like magic! I was sure I was going to be sending it back but we've had four major storms roll through this week and once we put it on him he's just as calm as can be. I wouldn't have believed it if I hadn't seen it. It's so nice to actually have something work like it's supposed to! Just thought I'd share !

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    that is interesting to know. I have seen them in the store and always wondered how they work. One of the kennels our dogs stayed in last year put some calming lotion on their pads to prevent them for panicking during fireworks which worked. however my dogs don't react at storms.
    Hunter & Chrome

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    Interesting, I've heard of this, but like you was never sure if it would work.

    My Lexi, is quite afraid of thunderstorms & fireworks, so this might be something I'll need to invest in. Would be nice to not have to give her meds

    My pretty girl, Lexi!

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    Eddie is afraid of storms and I was thinking - wouldn't an old t-thirt made to fit work? It would be the same principle - a body hugging piece of clothing.

    Now I just have to figure out a size...

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