SO proud of the tankster!
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Thread: SO proud of the tankster!

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    DefaultSO proud of the tankster!

    My neighbors are doing construction on their house so there are a lot of men going and coming constantly. Tank hates some men. Today he made a big step towards getting over his fear. Someone was getting a drink of water and he asked if he could pet him. I said sure if he lets ya. Tank was a little iffy at first. I told the man to let Tank coem to him and not to talk to him. Tank went to him and even Licked him!!!! The nice man even gave him an earube. I was a proud mommy Then we went passed a ST,Bernard. Tank hates this dog and it is a female! Today QUincy came running at us like usual and tank sniffed her! He usually growls and she runs away. Today they just sniffed and we went on our way. After that I had him off-leash out in the country like I usually do and he saw a squirell and didn't chase it! I am so proud of him. I am a little sad though. His back leg was hurting him and the vet said he may need to go on bed rest again for a few days He is my favorite dog to walk. He always stays right beside me(most of the time anyway) and will sit when we stop and be in a perfect heel. I love this dog!!!

    I am glad I got Bentley because when the horrible time comes for him to pass I don;t think I could get another dog for awhile or pull myself through it. Vet adn I think we will have plenty more years together though
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    Good boy, Tank!


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    Good boy Tank. I think you said somewhere he has arthritis or joint problems. If so my vets say no more than 30 mins gentle walks and no running around.They have to be dogs sometimes so the I rest him after if he does.

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    Great work! You can definitely tell you spend a great deal of time working with your buddies.

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    Baby steps....good boy Tank.

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    Your doing a great job with him! I wish all kids took such an active involvement with their pets
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