baring barking and more barking... bad habit from camp??
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Thread: baring barking and more barking... bad habit from camp??

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    Defaultbaring barking and more barking... bad habit from camp??

    Keith and I went down the shore sunday, monday and left tuesday afternoon. Avery stayed at Camp Bow Wow. He got to play for hours upon hours and we watched him from the camper cams playing around (saw him humping a few doggies, BAD DOG LOL) We picked him up yesterday around 4pm and when we got home he plopped down on the kitchen floor.... Naturally. However after about and hour or so he had to go out. I walked out and the neighbors little rat dog came charging at us. Avery jumped in front of me and barked like a nut bag and lunged in front of me to protect me? This little dog is a nipper usually but everything was fine the neighbor came over apologize etc. Then for the rest of the night Avery kept running to the window and barking like a mad doggie. Then he'd lay back down and wake up barking. Did he pick up a bad habit from Camp? He usually will only bark at us if he has to go out. At 8 months I know he's discovered his bark and now it's relentless.... How do we teach him that it's bad? I'm not one for spanking is behind, and SHHHHHH or quiet doent work. I'm at a loss, and I don't know how to stop it? I have to close the blinds so he can't see outside otherwise he won't stop. HELP!!!!
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    If he's not barking for some solid reason -- potty, hunger, boredom, lack of exercise, etc. -- frankly I'd ignore it. It sounds like it's an attention ploy, and once he figures out that it's not working, he should give it up. I would continue limiting the view to outside though. And when he's quiet, PRAISE THE QUIET. That way, NO BARK should be able to take hold and be used in the future.

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