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    DefaultThis cracks me up

    Last week while I was at work, all my dogs were loose in the house. I walked in, and could smell immediately that someone had pooped in the house...very unusual, and does not happen unless someone was not feeling well. As it turned out, "someone" had diarrhea in Hoss' ex-pen (they are all left wide open). During our walk it was obvious that Belle had the problem. So, Belle had deliberately gone into Hoss' ex-pen and spewed out her back end.

    Now, every time I leave the house and everyone is loose (all ex-pen doors are left open), I come home and Belle is in her ex-pen with the door closed! While it is not unusual for Belle to voluntarily go into her ex-pen I have NEVER seen her close it behind her. I think Hoss finds his mom in her pen, and closes it behind her so she will not have any more 'accidents' in HIS pen!!

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    Hey, she tried to throw him under the bus! He's just watching out for himself. Lots of intrigue going on at your house when you are not home!
    Sharon, Blaise and Diesel.

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    LOLOL. You can't tell me dogs don't think.

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    That doggie is a very smart one, he is thinking no way momma is messing up my pen again!

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