Vet also needs emergency care note
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Thread: Vet also needs emergency care note

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    DefaultVet also needs emergency care note

    A while ago our old dog needed a visit to the vet while we were away and the dog was being cared for by a sitter. She took her to the vet and they would not treat her because they did not have permission from me. The dog sitter got my adult daughter involved who called the vet and gave them permission to treat "her sister" which the vet accepted. I now have a note in the file for the dog and cat giving the pet sitter and my daughter and son-in-law permission to request treatment. I had not thought of doing that before but with this talk of carrying a letter (thanks for that idea and form) I thought I would add this as well.

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    Thanks for the tip!
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    Yes, it's good to mention this. When I drop Sundance off at his sitter's, I always include a note in a sealed envelope giving my petsitter permission to make emergency vet care decisions for Sun, and I include my signature and credit card number. At the end of Sundance's visit, I get the sealed envelope back. And just hope that there's never a need for it to be used.

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    My vets are good and have said if the care giver has an accident or sick they will take the dogs. On my note I leave my log in name and password for here in case they need advise in the middle of the night or can't get me. Slightly paranoid, but with Erns health problems I like to cover things.

    If we are away for a week or so with the dogs I usually call the local vet and introduce the dogs in case of emergencies. We had one recently and as she already his notes on file it was quicker and less panic.

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    Thanks for the advice, something else to take care off.

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    When I went away for 3 weeks, my neighbour looked after the house & dogs for me. A few days before I went away, I took her to my vet to introduce her to him in case she needed him while I was away. I made arrangements that if the dogs had to go to the vet, I would pay the bill when I came home. Luckily that situation never arose but I thought it was good insurance if anything happened. Both the neighbour & vet had my email addy, address where I was staying & the phone # in case of any emergencies.

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