My uncle has a black lab now :)
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Thread: My uncle has a black lab now :)

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    DefaultMy uncle has a black lab now :)

    I just learned my uncle has a black lab puppy. My cousin took home a puppy and they already have a yellow lab and their parents said no. SO Blake calls up Uncle Rick and he says he can keep it for a while. Well he called my mom seeing if we could take it. She wanted to say yes but with the finacial problem,the fighting,adn Bentley only being one we decided no. So he is now head over heels for the dog what a SHOCKER,lol. The dog has a chi as a play mate but I might take Bentley over to play with it next week. I am not for sure the name or anything yet. If I can get pictures I will post them.
    My uncle ahs now feel for the lab love.

    P.S. They have called vets,shelters,human society and a radio station and put up fliers and no one has claimed the dog yet.

    P.S.S. Uncle Rick helped us save Tank so this puppy is in a good home.
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    Can't wait to see pics!!
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    Such a qt! Really looks like my black lab purpsie. Adorable


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