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    DefaultVet Visit

    So, yesterday I took Diesel to my vet for his exam and shots. And, like Deacon, he loves going to the vet. Which is a good thing. I'm really glad my boys like their doc. Of course, when the vet came in the room, Diesel was all over him. My vet is good with this, and always spends some time just playing with him. He kept commenting on how good Diesel looked, and really likes his face and eyes. I know, I know....I need to get some pictures up. Heh...he also called Dees a brute. He is such a solid, muscular boy. Then, after all that, we weighed 15 mo. old, he weighs 83.7 pounds. Brute, indeed!

    Then, while we were standing in the lab waiting for the blood test to finish, I was telling the vet how I'm planning on taking Diesel with me this fall to Canada on a muskie fishing trip. It turns out he has been fishing on the same lake where my friend's island place is. So we stood around for about 20 minutes talking muskie fishing while Dees sprawled out on the floor.

    I'm still just floored by how much the little chunk weighs. Gonna be a big boy, I think.

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    Sounds like a good ver visit.

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    SOunds like a fun vet visit. I have to pick up my moms dog to take her to the exam room. Bentley adn Tank know there is peanut butter on the other end and drag me to the door anymore.
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    Sounds like you had a great visit! And that Deisel is a nice big boy!

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