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    OK, so since he's now being fed and loved, his tail is in constant motion. HARD! It's been three weeks now and it's not getting better. It's pretty much wrapped up all the time, as soon as it's not he gets it bleeding again from whacking it on stuff. The vet feels like once he gets more meat on him it may help but in the meantime... It doesn't seem to bother him at all. I have him sit as soon as I see him and I'm pushing his tail down whenever he wonders by. He's just so happy anytime there's anyone around! Any and all suggestions would be appreciated!
    Thanks in advance

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    I do not envy you. I once had a foster dog with this. My walls got washed daily because of the blood spatter. And once we thought it was on its way to be healed he would wack it again and split his tail open. What finally worked was having the vet glue the end tail. (You can use super glue at home.) And moving furniture to the walls so there was plenty of room for him to wag. And I learned also to never stop and talk to him by a corner of the hall. Bad idea! You just have to watch your surroundings and look for anything tail high he can hit. It will take a couple months to heal up. If it continues for 6 months I would talk to your vet about other options. You could also try to bump up his excercise to tire him out but with my foster dog that didn't help, I think he was just so happy to be in a home his tail never stopped!

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    bubble wrap - lol

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