Diesel's Road Trip
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    DefaultDiesel's Road Trip

    Well, last week me, my cousin, and Diesel spent the week at a friend's place in northern Wisconsin. Way up by the UP. I'll omit all the fishing and outdoorsy stuff for now, and just tell you about the youngster's time.

    He had an absolute blast! He had three guys, all Lab lovers, to play with and pay attention to him. Every day I ran him outside, fetching training bumpers in the yard and woods. Several times we took him to a nearby lake for swimming and fetching. The first time he ran out on the dock, he fell off the end. Waited a bit late to put on the brakes. By the time we left, he was running the length of the dock and leaping off after the bumper. I may have a potential dockdog here.

    He did great on the drive, about 8 1/2 hours with potty stops. I had him in his crate, on the folded down rear seats of a Dodge Hemi Ram pickup. He did pretty well on the drive up, and even better on the trip home. So glad I crate trained him. I had this in mind at the time..

    Our friend up in the Northwoods became Dees's new best buddy. He followed him everywhere, sat at the door when the guy was outside, laid at his feet....damn dog's lucky I'm not the jealous type.

    Yep, all in all, I'd say the little man had an excellent time. Looks like he loves the Northwoods as much as I do. Our next planned trip will hopefully be to a place in Canada. Ontario, I believe....north of Int'l Falls. He'll like that even more. It's an island on one end of a 20-some mile long lake.

    Sorry, no pics yet. I still need to get them off the camera.

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    Sounds like he had a blast! Luckily the longest trip tank has been on is 5hrs. he is a stress barker so it was 2 hrs. of a high pitched whine/bark/screeem. I thought i was going to pull all of my hair out!
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    What a fun trip that must have been. I'm glad Diesel enjoyed the swimming!

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    Awesome! Sounds like Diesel had a blast.


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    I bet you got some great pictures there.

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