making progress with the cats but.....
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Thread: making progress with the cats but.....

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    Defaultmaking progress with the cats but.....

    It has been a long road, but over the last month we have made a break through with Lola and the cats.

    I have 2 cats (a 17 year old Maine Coon Mosley and a 6 year old Manx Atti) and since the day we got Lola she has tried to chase, lick and generally harass them every waking moment. She just loves them so much and wants to play and I can't blame the cats for not wanting to play with a maniac Lab puppy. We have worked very hard to have some kind of interspecies peace.

    Lola is a little over 2 now and has mellowed out (some what) and now the cats and dog can all occupy the same room without mass chaos ensuing. Lola knows she is not allowed to touch the cats or chase them and she is pretty good. Mosley has decided that he wants to sleep on Lola's bed and has claimed it.

    This morning Lola tried a new tactic. Atti walked into the living room and and Lola started butt tucking in circles around her, play bowing, and crawling as clse as she can get to Atti without getting a claw in the face. Technically she's not touching the cat so it was hard to correct her (especially because I was laughing so hard) Atti was not amused to say the least.

    So we have a ways to go.
    Lola 2/9/09

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    Oh well they will work it long as she stays out of the range of the claw there is not a lot you can do.
    Karon and Cinnamon

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    Glad you have had a break through. Our dog used to want to do that and sometimes we would hear a yepling and she would run down the hall way with the cat attached. Kirby soon learned cats hurt and by the time they were 8 they could sleep next to each other..with one eye open.

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    What worked for us was that Shadow wasn't intimidated and didn't run. She'd lie down, roll over and swat with her claws out (all four paws). Sam leaves our cats alone, but if she sees one (not our cats) outside it is game on. Little Cat was inspired by Shadow to stay put, but she also has a place that she loves to chin rub. I rubbed Sam on that spot, since then Sam's been pretty kosher. In fact LC loves Sam more than Sam loves LC. Sam will get up and walk away when LC starts up (purring and rubbing herself on Sam).

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    Buddy wanted to play with Sophie once. He was 7 weeks old and weighed 9 pounds. Sophie was 1 yo and weighed 6 pounds. She slapped the crap out of him. He is now 10 yo and weighs 94 pounds. She is 11 yo and still weighs 6 pounds. He is still terrified of her. They will work it out, if Lola gets slapped enough. Sometimes we just have to let them work it out themselves.

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