I love working with a professional
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Thread: I love working with a professional

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    DefaultI love working with a professional

    Jack is a retriever. Always ready to fetch. Brings the ball with him everywhere, even to dinner. He is very particular when it comes to the perfect ball. He has searched the house for it, picked up one, saw another, picked that one up and chew at it a couple of times, set it back down and gone and looked for another before making his final selection.

    Today was start the session in the pool day. Jack retrieved out of the pool while Buddy pondered why Jack was swimming in his water bowl. Occasionally Buddy would stand on the pool ladder and Jack would push past to get in or just keep climbing out of the pool Buddy or not.

    I got a second ball and threw it in the pool hoping Buddy would go from being a receiver to a retriever. No luck. Buddy was interested in the orange training bumper, but only if he could fish it out from the deck. This caused some confusion with Jack.

    He would approach a ball, get into his mouth and discover wrong ball. He would then spit it out, and start searching for the other ball, snag it and spit it out and go back to the first. Once he brought what he decided was the wrong ball back onto the deck. He set it down, looked at the ball, sniffed it, picked it up and took it back to the ledge where he carefully set it down and flicked it back into the pool with his nose and went back in after the other ball.

    Several times he would get what he decided was the wrong ball and stop retrieving to go after the other. If I do not throw the ball into the pool he will do it himself.

    Right now he is taking a break but soon we will go back for another round.

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    It's funny how they prefer certain balls! I just realized how many balls Beanie has, and how he plays with them are different.

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    Lol ,just have to love our labs
    ~It doesn't matter how smart the dog is,it matters how smart the owner is.

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    Poor Jack, Dad keeps mucking things up with the wrong ball!
    Jackie, Champ, and Buddy

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    That is hilarious and adorable.
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