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    DefaultUnusual sounds

    Jack went swimming in the pool today, retrieving for almost an hour. After he got out, he was grazing in the grass. About 5 minutes later he then threw up some bile. That was about about 2 hours ago. No nausea since. Since that he has been making sounds like I do if I inhale quickly with my mouth open. His mouth is shut. It almost sounds like a reverse sneeze, but without movement. There is also another sound that is not quite as frequent in this time that sort of sounds like a burp. He does not appear to have any discomfort. Hiccups maybe? When I turn and look towards the sound he gives me the "What?" Look.

    He moves OK, wags his tail, eats fine. Just these weird sounds occasionally.
    He actually made these sounds at the Vet's once. She could not figure it out at the time and just said to observe.

    Anybody see anything like this?

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    I've never seen anything like that, but just wondering if maybe he ingested some water down the wrong pipe or something? If he starts coughing or continues with the unusual sounds you may want to consider a vet visit, I'm just thinking some sort of aspiration of the water he was in, not good if left untreated as it could lead to pneumonia. How is he now?

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    I googled "reversed sneezing sound in dogs" and was very surprised at what turned up. This link was certainly no the only one. I hasve heard Mya do it briefly so never gave it much thought. Don't you just love the google thing???
    Reverse sneezing in dogs - signs, symptoms and treatment

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    sounds to me like he ingested water.

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    Fascinating article MJ.
    Erns swims under water a lot whe he swims and will hurk and cough, but never seen him do it 2 hours later.

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