Chuck walks too close!
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Thread: Chuck walks too close!

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    DefaultChuck walks too close!

    My mom has been asking me if there is any way to train Chuck not to walk so close to people. She does walk right our feet and my mom is worried about tripping over her. Anyone have any ideas?

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    I tell mine sternly to back off or I am going to through them in the Pacific Ocean! It usually works. I would never through them in an Ocean though, I don't live near one
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    Ok, this is going to sound very mean and I HONESTLY do NOT do it on purpose - but when my fosters walk to close I often end up tripping on them or stepping on their feet. that alone usually gets them to stop
    I also use my knee/leg to push them off. but that causes some "un-alignments" after awhile! (in my body!)
    Charlie (foster) and Rocky

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    For me it depends on where it is. If it is in the kitchen or someone I may trip and hurt myself they are told to leave.
    I am not sure what is the correct thing to do when walking around in general, but I use my knee to guide them away.
    As Tanya said. After they get under your feet once too often they learn it isn't a nice place to be.

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