Bentley's training/some good news
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Thread: Bentley's training/some good news

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    DefaultBentley's training/some good news

    It is coming along very well. He stays in the yard now...well most of the time. All I say you want to go to your crate!? He usually comes running back. Obedience is better. He can drop on recalls yay! I like to teach them that just in case something happens. I was asked how I took a pound puppy and made him behave so well. I kind of laughed and said you don't live with me he has his quirks. Then I said just like any other dog/puppy you may get from a breeder or something. Start at square one. I am glad to say the went and adopted a mix of who knows what. He is so cute and they took him to obed.classes and he is about as smart as Bentley but has a little ways to go.

    Now, my mom and I called the Humane society and I can work there this summer. I need to start volunteering to get my credits for high school so I can graduate in 4 years. I will walk the dogs and do some basic training. The hard part is not being able to bring home every lab,pit bull or rottweiler I see. Those who have volunteered to walk them and spend time with them how have you done it? When I go in to the pound I have to cover my eyes so I will not ask to bring all of them home. They have a 2 year list for dogs so rarely have a pts day like the pound but still.......
    ~It doesn't matter how smart the dog is,it matters how smart the owner is.

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    good for you Deidra ........... hopefully you will get to the point that you won't have to close your eyes all the time

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    Good for you and wonderful news about the job.

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    Way to go Deidra!

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