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    DefaultFanny and the vet

    Fanny has been limping since Monday and last night could not put any weight on her left rear leg. Unless there was food around and then she hauled ass down the hall....

    Anyway, I took her to the vet and explained that she would not take rimadyl as she stopped eating last time- I put it in her food - I tried to give it to her, so whatever was bothering her could not be treated with it. Hmm said the vet, that's unusual but we can try Demarex and have her take Tramadol while the Asciptiin wears off. No problem said I.

    As the vet left the office I said BTW, what do you think is wrong aside from her HD, Oh! she probably slipped in the snow. Hmmm said I. She then said I am surprised that such a picky eater is so overweight. Hmmm, said I. Fanny is not a picky eater just doesn't like certain meds. I also understand she is overwweight.

    Fanny is down to 81.9, another 4.6 pound loss, the vet wants her down to 70 pounds. Heck knows how that is going to happen being that they only want me to give her 20 minutes a day 'gentle exercise' and she only gets 2 scant cups of kibble, 2 tablepoons of wet food - for the meds - and approx one cup of veggies a day in an effort to lose weight. She gets two biscuits a day also. I feed taste of the wild bison and whatever.

    The past two vets I have seen have not impressed me with their 'bed side manner' and yet the organization has a good reputation and my MIL has been going there for about 30 years. And they are only about 2 miles away..........

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    Chamois says: Fanny, cheer up! Last time I went to the vet, Mom's invoice read "DIAGNOSIS: OVERWEIGHT". Yep, all caps, just like that. Talk about insensitive! OK, so I was up to 83 pounds, the doc said I should be more like 75. Hope you feel better and that your Mom doesn't starve you.

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