Bloody toenail; stupid me...
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Thread: Bloody toenail; stupid me...

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    DefaultBloody toenail; stupid me...

    OK, so Payton is NOT cooperative getting her toenails trimmed, so as a result I always let them get too long. Bad me But this morning we were doing pretty well. front paws- done. Now the back feet... she jerked, I clipped anyway, too short. Blood running from her nail. I'm carrying a 60# dog outside in the cold rain in my bare feet to get her out of the house so she doesn't track blood everywhere. 15 min. later, I check her foot, no bleeding. I bring her in . Wrong, wrong. I feel like I am tracking a blood trail for wild game. Repeat. Outside in the cold rain. This time though I grab some stiptic powder and push her nail into it. Bad me.

    Anyone else have bloody nail stories to share?

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    I cut Libby's too short once. Same deal, she jerked, I clipped, blood everywhere. I went and bought a Dremyl. I'll never clip short again.


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