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    DefaultMy Layla is smart

    On Christmas morning my wife forgets to feed Layla. Layla doesn't miss a beat. She promptly grabs her food dish and presents it to my wife. Amazing! This may not be amazing stuff, based on the experience of some of the members of this forum, but as a first time dog owner I thought this was pretty cool.

    I am also happy that Layla has pretty much doubled her food intake since we switched from Diamond puppy food to Purina One puppy food. She loves it. She is on her way to not being such a tooth pick.

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    Cute about grabbing her bowl. (I'm sure she'll soon use that as a way of trying to get an extra meal from one of you. )
    Glad she's eating well now.


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    My lab also started eating much better when switched to Purina One. Glad Layla is eating better!

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    Good for you, Layla! Mine keep trying to convince me I forgot to feed them even if I do.

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