Labradata Input from Breeders and Owners
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Thread: Labradata Input from Breeders and Owners

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    QuestionLabradata Input from Breeders and Owners


    I am not sure how many of you are aware of Labradata, its a free service where anyone can submit their just Labs to the database. We would love to hear input from owners and breeders about how we could make it better or easier for people to use.

    This database will provide a lot information other OFA, including photos, pedigrees, health information and clearances but we need owners and breeders to submit their dogs. Its a great research and information for anyone.

    The board is working on hard coming out Labradata 3.0 Version the first of 2011. That will also include a stud dog finder.

    Several breeders and owners have dogs already submitted through being in another dogs pedigree. Please if your dog is in there, claim your dog so people know who the owner is and it would be great to provide Labradata about him or her.

    Please feel free to let us know how we could make it better!


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    Rather than posting this multiple times on the forum, why not just 'bump up' the post you made a couple of days ago?

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    Heather, just an FYI, there aren't that many breeders on here, and those that are (that actually DO clearances) are on the other boards like Laura's and I guarantee know about Labradata.

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    Sorry for reposting, I got an error when I posted the other day and then couldn't seem to find it. But it must of posted.

    Jen, we would also love to have "individual" owners submit thier labradors and health information into Labradata. This database is not only for breeding dogs or just breeders. Its for all types of Labs, rather they are pets, performance or breeding programs.

    By Individual submitting health information on their labs, we can track trends of health problems and get a better idea of both the longevity of the breed and why they pass prematurely.

    "Every Labrador has a place in the living history of the breed".

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