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    I take Bailey to doggie daycare once or twice a week and I wanted to tip them since it's the holidays and they all work so hard. I just started taking her there about 6 months ago and the people that work there are great! They cut her nails and clean her ears for me whenever I ask and never charge me for either of those grooming services. If I have to work late and I bring her food, they feed her. They always give me a detailed review of her day when I pick her up, including what new dog friends she made and how she interacts, if she slept at all, etc. I like it there because they know me by name and they all know Bailey as soon as I walk in the door.

    I want to tip them in some way next week, but there are several people who work there. My question is what would be considered an appropriate tip to thank them for the wonderful care they give Bailey when she is there?

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    I have absolutely no idea, but wanted to say that it's so sweet of you to think of that. Many people get so busy before the Holidays and forget to show appreciation.

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    I worked at a dog daycare for a year and honestly, we really loved it when owners would bring pizzas for lunch as holiday "thank yous" By the time you divide even a substantial tip between everyone it's $5. But a surprise lunch - that was awesome! That and cookies or popcorn were always great too. If you did decide to give cash, what we were required to do anyway, was put it in a pot and then buy lunch for the next staff meeting with all the tips.

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    When Diesel was in & out of the vet for minor/major stuff over a short period of time they gave me a number of breaks on the bills to help me out. I brought them a huge box of pastries & fruit one morning. I got a really nice thank you card a few days later. When there are a lot of people to consider money doesn't always cut it when it's divided up.

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    Abbey and Coco go to doggie daycare also. I make a basket of homemade cookies and candies to take to the staff. They are wonderful to our girls and I think the personal gift means more than cash would anyway.
    Love JL.!!!

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    that is a great idea! In fact, I think I just might do that!!!! Fruit Basket... Money... whatever! I'm sure it would be appreciated...

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    I am one of several Doggy Day care workers and food for the staff is ALWAYS appreciated! We all graze on whatever is brought and it never goes to waste (maybe to waist, but not waste!) Some thing sweet and something savory for the different tastes of the staff! Since different workers are there on different days and times, something that can last from one day to another is great.

    edit to add, cash left would probably never make it to the staff around here.....
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