"A Bird in the Blind"
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    Default"A Bird in the Blind"

    is worth two in the jeep.

    That first pic was taken after Rusty retrieved the one and only duck of a 90 minute hunt. Then, just as I was closing up the blind, I noticed Rusty with a fixed and intense stare looking out in front. I glanced up in time to see a group of 4 Green Winged Teal make a pass about 35 yards out and I was lucky enough to get the gun up fast enough to knock the last one of them down. He's putting it together ... hunt by hunt ... atta boy Rusty.

    Of course Cappy and Remi got to share in the retrieves with planted ducks after we returned home.

    btw ... "Mr. Miyagi's" goatee is really pronounced in those pics.

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    Wax on! Wax off! Good job on the lookout Rusty! It is really cool when they figure out the game and become card-carrying "duck dawgs."
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