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    Hello all. I have posted a few times ,but not for about 5 months . Have a question about my choc boy Reese. Here is Reese and Sammy. He is 7 months old and doing great. Training is going great. I have one small problem seems I have a very private boy when it comes to taking a crap. He jumps in flowerbeds in bushes never in the grass. He trys to hide himself the problem is when I put him in the outdoor run He craps in the dog house most of the time. Anyone seen this or have any advise on how to stop it. Thanks . Mike

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    Don't know - Morgan can take 15 minutes to find "the perfect spot" but doesn't hide...hope someone else can help!

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    keep him on a leash, saying a phrase like "get busy" and then when he finally does (and he will) praise and or treat. after a bit he will get it.
    patience my friend.

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