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    DefaultDoes Anyone Else's Lab....

    Act a little OCD. Stoli loves to retrieve tennis balls. But she will only play with one at a time. I can throw 3 balls out and she will only pick up the one regardless if its torn in half. If I hide the broken one and give her another she will chase the new one, drop it and go look for the old hidden one. She also will only put the ball down in a paticular spot when she retrieves it. And if its not close enough to the spot she will pick it up again and replace it. (usually circling the spot a few times first)

    Is this normal lab behavior?

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    jack does the same thing.there are 10-14 tennis balls laying around the living room.the only one that matters is the one he is playing with.if it gets stuck under the couch or table i end up having to dig it out.he just will not go and grab another ball.

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    Marlie usually shows a preference for one particular ball to play with, forgoing all others that happen to be around. We have never figured out what makes one better than another on any particlular day.

    I have seen her put a ball down and pick it up again then put it down again but it seems to be more playful than compulsive, as if she's daring it to get away on her.


    Brian H.
    Uxbridge Ontario Canada

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    Cinnamon is like that has to be the ball she started with. If it gets stuck under something she will bark until someone gets it out for her.
    Karon and Cinnamon

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    My sweet black lab Merlin did that - he only played with the one ball he started with at a time. No matter how many balls I threw out, he always brought back the one he started with.

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