Linus and his arthritis
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Thread: Linus and his arthritis

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    DefaultLinus and his arthritis

    Linus is my 8 year old Australian Shepherd. He is a sweetheart loves Parker to pieces. Linus has arthritis as many older dogs do. I worry about Linus because when it is cold like today he will go outside and not come in. He just goes out and lays on the wet cold ground (snowy today) and when I call him to come in he looks at me like I'm nuts. He will stay out fhere for an hour and just lay there like it was 90 degress out. I just could not figure it out until my husband said maybe the cold makes his arthritis feel better. Could this be true. I always thought warmth worked better but???? Any opinions.

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    Whatever works. Cold can help dull the pain.

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