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Thread: Ok - trust me - I know where this is wrong!

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    The park I take Dozi to there is a neutered Lab who still tires to hump anything that doesn't move...Dinozzo has tried growling, sitting down etc. Now he retaliates by humping the humper. Doesn't bother with any other dog, male or female.

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    I would do as Laura suggested. We are there to protect out dogs.
    A dog at the park did this to Kassy.Being a first time dog owner I didn't realise the effect this would have on her. Kass was very gentle and suddenly started barking and snarling at all dogs who came close to her.She was sore. My vet said put your lead on the other dog, take it to the owner and say control your dog or I will call the authorities, or take a stick and whack the dog. I couldn't do either so stopped going to the park. She was the one that missed out as she loved it.

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    I dog sat for a female lab that did this to both of my neutered males. I put a pennies in a can, taped the opening, and shook it at her while saying NO. She got the message after a day or two. I kept her for two weeks and she didn't hump again. Until the owners came to pick her up, then it started up again.
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    Thanks you guys! I will try Laura's tips 1st - then, if that doesn't work I'll move on to more of these suggestions.

    As for neutering BIL - trust me, if I had my way it'd happen today. He is such a jerk!

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