It's Time for Our "Dear Santa" Letters
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Thread: It's Time for Our "Dear Santa" Letters

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    DefaultIt's Time for Our "Dear Santa" Letters

    I think I missed several years, but I see so many new members here. thought it may be fun to do it this year.

    I know many of our dogs would love to have world peace, a forever home for every rescue, etc. This is a "fun" Labs (and others) just ask away!

    Dear Santa,
    Hi Zoe here.

    First off, Aloha to you, Mrs. Claus, your Elves, Rudloph and the rest of the Reindeer. Mom doesn't want me to brown nose, but heck it may help this year.

    I am now nearly 8 years old. Since my 1st birthday, I've been writing to you and have requested, nicely, for a swimming pool. I have yet to see it in my front yard on December 25. What gives? I've been really good since my 5th birthday, and still. no. pool. A salt water one would be good, but I would appreciate a chlorinated one too. Granted, I have the Pacific Ocean, but ya know, it isn't the same as having my own private, personal pool. Mom would save on gas and wear and tear on her car too!
    I would even share it with Daddy & Mommy and my doggie friends. If a pool is not in the making for this year, hows about a little lake?

    Oh, and I destuffed Lady's baby duck toy at her house. It would be nice if you could replace it. A new Flying Squirrel for Anela would be nice too. Hers is pretty scuzzy.

    and finally, may I please have a baby sister?

    Thanks in advance, Santa. Hope you had a great Thanksgiving.

    Zoe the Umlaut
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    Linda and Zoë, the Umlaut
    Honolulu, Hawaii


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    Oh Linda that is just precious

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    Cute and I sure hope you get a pool AND a baby sister

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    Love it! Hey Zoe Sammi wants you to let her know how the request for a baby sister turns out! She may have to ask next year if it pans out for you

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    That is way too cute, I hope santa gets you that pool you have been waiting for and definitly a baby sister
    Hunter & Chrome

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    I vote for the baby sister.
    Nellie, CGC
    The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated. -- Gandhi

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    Aww, that is so cute.
    Harvey’s would probably go something like this ..
    Dear Santa,
    I hope you are all well, and rested after last year.

    I have been a really good boy, I have come through my adolescence without too much trouble. I would really like the following for Christmas:
    Food, any kind, I am not that fussy. I do particularly like those filled bones, mum doesn’t often get me one as I break bone shards off, but this time I promise to just eat the stuffing. Oh, and I really like those Sweet potato treats.

    Toys, My Brother Seth will be joining us on Christmas Day, so if you could leave us a toy we could share that would be cool, something like a rope pullie (oh, and a rawhide each). I would also like some more of those stuffed toys, you know, the ones I like to destuff over mums freshly vacuumed carpet. She loves it when we play that game.

    If you can manage it, I would really like the telephone number of that hot poodle down the street. (mum won’t let me near her).

    For my brother Seth, if you could leave him a brain cell, that would be cool.

    I promise, promise, promise, not to eat your mince pie this year or drink Rudolf’s milk.

    Drive safe,
    Love, Harvey xx

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    Dear Sandy Paws,

    We have been really good boys this year. Just ask our Mom! Don't ask our Dad, he'll tell you we're bad, but we're just bored because he never walks us.

    We would really, REALLY like a house with a big, fenced yard so we can go outside together and play - or even just sit in the sun and watch the world go by, together. Right now we has to take turns going out on a rope and we can never be out at the same time. That's no fun.

    Food would be good, any kind, we're not picky. We even love fruits and veggies! But, some of those marrow bones would be a really nice treat. We don't get those any more, because they are expensive and Dad thinks they make the carpet stink.

    Toys would be nice, too, and Nylabones.

    Your friends,
    Champ and Buddy
    Jackie, Champ, and Buddy

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    Dear Santa,
    Gracie and Lola here...we have been really good this year, except for the time we chewed mommy's expensive sunglasses...twice, yup 2 pairs. We gave her our best dog eyes and said sorry, she's not mad anymore. We would both likes lots of treats, any kind we're not fussy. Maybe a new toy each. Lola likes socks and I like anything that makes a squeeky noise That's about all Santa.

    Your friends,
    Gracie and Lola

    p.s. Maybe you could talk mommy into letting us play with the bunny...she only lets us kiss her and then she puts her away, I don't know why mommy won't let us chase her around the yard.

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    very cute

    our gang's letter would go like this:

    Dear Santa
    Sally is busy barking for her stick to be thrown so I'll go first. I should since I'm the most mature dog here anyways. I'd like my humans to be home more for warm laps ... cookies are good and a magic groomer that meant I'd never mat again would be wonderful. If the weather could be dry every day we do agility I'd appreciate that too - I don't like getting my feet wet. I don't want to be pushy (I don't know you after all) but Thea says thats not really asking too much. If Sampson foudn a new home that would work for me too.
    Brody ...

    Thea here!! Sally is still barking for the stick. I need a nice cozy bed that cats don't like so I can snuggle in without having to evict cats (though Cotton could share with me - that would be ok). I'd like to know how to do weave poles and teeters please. And if you could send lots of cookies then I'd get bigger and find shoving through the chute easier!! thanks TT pants (oh Sampson is scared to write you - he says he'd ask for MORE KONGS please - he is worried the 7 we have might not be enough!) I'll ask Sally to leave the stick alone for a minute!

    The human stopped throwing the stick so I could write you - do you have the power to make her throw the stick or do agility all day long? That's what I want. All I want really. Bring the other dogs cookies and toys so she has more time to do agility and throw the stick. Big wags to you for that!!

    “I am only one, but still I am one. I cannot do everything, but still I can do something; and because I cannot do everything, I will not refuse to do something that I can do.” H. Keller

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