Emilu peed on the cats bed!!!
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Thread: Emilu peed on the cats bed!!!

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    AngryEmilu peed on the cats bed!!!

    The animals are wearing me out right now. I have to get up 1/2 hour early just to do all the "animal things" that need to be done. Today, I go down to the basement to feed the cats and find that Emilu has peed on the dog bed that the cats lay on!!! She is years old!!! However, she has done this in the past when we have had 2 dogs staying here for the weekend. She went and peed on every level of the house where the dogs had been. And the other thing that is getting to me right now, is that one of the cats started pooping at the top of the stair landing. Afer cleaning it up 4 times, I finally put a litter box there (much to SU's dismay). So now they are both using it as their main litter box and not using the one in the basement at all!! ERRRRRRRRRRR!!! I 'm just tired this morning - maybe I can get a handle on this over the weekend......

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    Pat, so sorry to hear this! Hopefully you and SU can figure it out a bit! One of our cats is 18 and at times he likes to spray anything laying on the floor, my clothes have been the target a few times. This just started in the past 2 years. We just kind of deal with it, seeing as he is as old as he is. How old are your cats?
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    sometimes it's a LOT of work living with them for sure ...

    take some time to enjoy everybody this weekend - I have an extra 45 minutes at home this morning - a real treat .. so I just got up from sitting on the floor loving the punks (Sally and Sampson) after spending 10 minutes giving our terrified little foster fellow a full body massage - I still have 30 minutes left - and it feels like SUCH a treat

    maybe you could take a mental health day or half day? or skip something to give yourself a break?

    hang in there

    (ps I think giving the cat a box where he wants one is the ideal management solution - once they are using it well you may be able to move that box to a more discrete spot - even maybe in the basement along with the other one!)

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