Daisy's pups cont......
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Thread: Daisy's pups cont......

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    DefaultDaisy's pups cont......

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    They are adorable

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    please keep in touch with the people who got these pups and if for any reason they cannot keep them; no matter what their age; please take it back into your care. that is what responsible breeders do. otherwise, the poor dog ends up in a shelter and will be put down as shelters are full of labs and not enough rescue to help them all.
    cute puppies!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Joys2labs View Post
    Oh yes definitely. We keep close contact with all of our owners and receive updates often. Everyone of our owners was talked to about bringing their puppy back here anytime for any reason, at any point in the dogs life. We absolutely care about each and everyone of the pups and understand that it is a lifetime commitment.
    Did you have them sign a contract requiring that they do so - also that they spay/neuter these puppies? Responsible breeders do both.
    Sharon, Blaise and Diesel.

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